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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New digital-only cd of Yiddish Penny Songs from the turn of the twentieth century: Opgenarte velt

As you know I chug along recording rare songs as my mental state allows - since the advent of our current US regime it's been substantially more difficult and for several months I was so depressed I couldn't talk, let alone sing. Still, the pile of songs built up and yesterday I compiled two cds. Here is the first, Opgenarte Velt (Deluded World). Only $7 and comes with 18-page liner notes pdf file with the transliterated Yiddish lyrics and English translation. Click on picture to visit and listen.

Contents (all these songs have appeared on the blog):

1. Shtek arayn (Put 'er there!) 03:22
2. Uptown, Downtown 01:08
3. Mener, mener! (Men, men!) 04:14
4. Di opgenarte velt (The Deluded World) 02:58
5. A mentsh zolstu nor zayn (A mentsh zol men zayn) (Be a decent person) 03:19
6. Eylu voeylu (A Drinking Song) 02:33
7. In hundert yor arum (100 years from now) 04:08
8. A mentsh ken dokh makhn a mol a toes (A person can sometimes make a mistake) 02:32
9. Vos kh'hob gevolt hob ikh oysgefirt (What I wanted, I got) 02:35
10. Alts far gelt (Everything For Money) 02:44
11. Di zibn boarders (The Seven Boarders) 04:42
12. Mentshn-freser (Devourer of People) 05:02

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