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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The still-lost songs from the American Yiddish Penny Songs collection. Can you help?

This list is so long! In some cases a songsheet says: "Sing to the melody of [some song]" and [some song] is also lost - so I've included both on this list. In some cases I know two or more songs with the same name exist, so I've given the first lines of the ones I'm looking for to help distinguish them. If you know the whereabouts of any of these songs please let me know!

  1. Aher gey
  2. Aher gey Tsar Nikolay
  3. Amerikaner housekeepers
  4. Dem arbeters shtrebn
  5. Beker Reb Nokhum
  6. Der ben yokhid
  7. A blum un a kveyt
  8. Der blutiker yam
  9. Dayenu (written by Morris Rund)
  10. Dayenu in milkhome
  11. Emeleks mapole
  12. Der fayer eskeyp (I have the chorus but not the verse)
  13. Di fir doktoyrim
  14. Fregt mikh bekheyrem
  15. Di froyen in butsher strayk
  16. Gimpel Beynish der shadkhn
  17. Hakt hakt hakt
  18. Hamavdil: starts "Vi gliklekh oy bistu yidele, ver ken tsu dir dayn glaykhn zayn?"
  19. Di hitsn
  20. Hurrah fir red white blue
  21. Ikh ken fiksen
  22. A kadish nokh Nikolayen
  23. Khapn zol zey di kholera
  24. A kholem fun yener velt
  25. A khoyev der mamen
  26. Di knishes
  27. Korbones fun Essex Strit fayer
  28. Lemekhs kholem
  29. Leo Frenk
  30. Dos lid fun yetstiker krizis
  31. Di mame darf a malke zayn
  32. Mayn landsman Khaym Ber
  33. Mayn vayb mit dem border
  34. Mayn shviger ikh shtel zi aykh for
  35. Mayn vaybs kheyshek
  36. Men shtupt zikh
  37. Mitsrayim
  38. Mitsves shtekn
  39. Next Next Next
  40. New York fartog
  41. A New York yingele
  42. Oy der purim
  43. Oylem habe (not of Friedsel)
  44. Papa mit dem shikhele (not the Di Shichelach on LOC site)
  45. Plezhur
  46. Di prayz fun libe
  47. Di shkheyne fun nekst dor
  48. Di shkheynim
  49. Di shlekhte tsayt
  50. Shmaysn
  51. Der sof fun dem arbeter
  52. Soldat
  53. Der tayvl
  54. Tayvls lid (maybe the same song)
  55. Troyer lid (Sophia Karp)
  56. Dos troyer lid (Sigmund Mogulesco)
  57. Tsum Tayvl
  58. Di tsveyte mame
  59. Varshe genumen
  60. Vos vet di ende zayn
  61. William McKinley's last goodbye
  62. Der yetstiker yakres
  63. Yidish blut
  64. Di yidish fon - there are several, but this one is by Moyshe Ratner and Hyman Altman and starts: "Mayn lib tayer folk Yisroel, vu iz dayn shtolts dayn mut dayn land?"
  65. Di yidishe shkhite
  66. Der yidisher martirer
  67. Dem yidns laydn
  68. A yisker nokh tate mame
  69. Yitgadal (begins:) "Mayn ersht vayb iz geshtorbn farayorn liber fraynd, yitgadal vyitkadash shmey raba / Ikh hob oyfgeshtelt a yartsayt likht, un ikh vel zogn haynt yitgadal..."
  70. Der yontevdiker kidish


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