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Monday, May 9, 2016

A muters harts / a muters herts (A Mother's Heart) - one day late for Mother's Day.

This is a recording from 1915 of the song by Louis Friedsell and Louis Gilrod. It was sung in 1914 by Benny Zeidman and this recording is from 1915, by Jakob Medvedieff. I learned a new word, heykhler, from the German heuchler, hypocrite.

I had to retype the Yiddish words because the sheet music was virtually illegible. I may have screwed up, let me know.

This song is not found in the American Yiddish Penny Songs collection -- but the next song I'm recording is set to its tune.

Other spellings: A mutters hertz, A mutter's hehrts, etc.

People are given hours when they feel desolate, estranged from the world
Little hypocrites, masked smilers, friends who are only in it for the money.
The heart sickens, it gnaws and yearns
Seeking a friend who isn't pretending.
Now he doubly values his beloved mother
And her quiet dwelling.

She opens the door to him with endless love
kisses him tenderly like a mama and he says to her:

Mother's heart, mother's heart, your devotion is enormous
Mother's heart, your love is sweet and dear.
Highly valued, so dependable,
The most beautiful crown in the world
Is of course just a mother's heart

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