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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sholem bayis (Peace in the home) sung by Simon Paskal, c. 1910

I've been sick all winter and not really singing, so I'm putting up songs that can be found on recordings. Here is, again, the magnificent Simon Pascal, singing a text I don't think anybody could take issue with: peace in the home is a good thing.

It's from the show Yom Hachupo; it was written by Broidy and Friedsel, words by Solomon Small, and was published in 1910. It has a Germanicized (daytshmerish) transcription typical of the time. That's the transcription I put in the video to show you can't just search by YIVO spelling when you're looking for a song. Take the name of the song itself: on the sheet music front cover it says Sholem Beias, but in the transcription on the same songsheet sholim beiyis and sholom bajis are also used. You may also find shelom bayit, sholom bayis, etc.

Two interesting words in the text are leichtsinnig (careless, reckless) and datsi for dertsu.

Here is the Simon Paskel recording:

He sings just the first verse and two choruses. Here is the whole song.

A minheg iz do bay undz yidn, mir megn stoltsirn mit dem
Dos zikhert di hoyzlikhe fridn dos makht unds a gliklekhe heym
Fun undzere ovis avoseynu, fun ale doyres biz yetst
Is dos a matone a sheyne un iberal vert dos geshetst
Ver es firt zikh nokh diesn minheg iz glikhlekh un ken lebn lang
Un ver es iz nebekh laykhtzinig firt es im tsu zayn untergang
Men darf dertsu keyn file rayes - dos iz sholem bayis

Sholem bayis, sholem bayis!
S'iz a brokhe nor fun unzere libn Got
Sholem bayis, sholem bayis!
Gliklekh iz der mentsh vos in zayn hoyz dos hot
Mazl brokhe un hatslokhe, di mishpokhe brengt dos mit,
Glik un freydn makht der fridn,
Sholem bayis, libe yidn, hit nor, hit!

Es gibn tsu undzere shleger az sheyn iz di heym bay dem yid
Zogar bay dem oremen treger, oykh ekzistirt hoyzlikhe frid.
Er arbet zeks teg keseyder, biz fraytog nakht iz er a shklaf,
Dan tut er on di shabes kleyder un shaynt vi a prints, vi a graf.
Zayn raykhtum un zayne milionen gefint er in zayn vayb un kind,
S'iz zeltn bay andere nationen tsu zen nor aza hoyz-gezind.
Men dar dertsu keyn file rayes, dos iz sholem bayis.

Mir zoln dem minheg ophitn, far undz vet zayn groys aza zig,
Zen opshafn di shlekhte zign vi meglikh zen oysmaydn krig.
Di kinder, zey kukn mit oygn af eltern vos geyt dort for
Un vern azoy shoyn dertsoygn un bilder dem kinftign dor.
Oyb ir vilt az fayn zoln blien, ayere kinder bay aykh,
Zolt ir friher zikh zelbst dertsien, dan hot ir geton vos iz glaykh.
Men darf dertsu keyn file rayes, dos iz sholem bayis.

We Jews have a custom we can be proud of.
Ensuring peace in the house makes for a happy home.
From our ancestors, from all generations, to the present,
It's a beautiful gift, valued everywhere.
They who carry out this custom are happy all their lives
And they who sadly are reckless, it leads to ruin
No proof is necessary - this is peace in the home

Peace in the home,
It's a blessing from our dear God.
Peace in the home,
Happy is the person who has it in the house.
Luck, blessings, and prosperity, this comes with having a family,
Good luck and happiness make for peace,
Peace in the home, dear Jews, preserve it!

It's given to our violent men that the Jewish home is beautiful
Even the poor porter also has household peace
He works constantly for six days, he's a slave until Friday night
Then he puts on his Sabbath clothes and shines like a prince or a nobleman
His wealth and his millions, he finds them in his wife and child
Rarely do you find among other nations such a healthy house
So you don't need [further] arguments: this is peace in the house

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