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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Seydi mayn leydi (to Sadie My Lady by J. W. Bratton and W. H. Ford, 1897


It seems I'm reaching the end of the good songs in Judah Katzenelenbogen's Lider magazin

 From my point of view this one is a dud for a number of reasons: (1) It's mostly a translation of the original; (2) the melody is yet another waltz; (3) and it's boring. So if you want this one, put it together yourself. The sheet music is online. And the words by I. Bobshover are after the jump.


 Seydi mayn leydi
To sing with the melody from the English song
Sadie My Lady
by I. Bovshover

Ven ir geyt a mol baym siti hol
Dan treft ir imer in strit zi;
Zi iz nit raykh dokh grist zi aykh
Un ven ir bet vos git zi
Kh'hob teg farbrakht un zi batrakht
Farkoyfndik blumen a leydi
Dokh di blumen aleyn zaynen nimals zo sheyn
Vi mayn libenke zisenke Seydi

Seydi, Seydi, iz a zisenke leydi
Ir treft azelkhe in di bikher
Un zi iz sheyn mayn zise lib'; dos iz Seydi
Seydi vet a mol zayn Missus Breydi
Sheyn un liblekh iz mayn Seydi, Seydi, mayn leydi

Yeder yunger frant vos iz mit ir bakant
Hot umzonst ir hand gebetn
Un zey brekhn zikh yetst di kep tsu letst
Ver es vet zeyer shtele fartretn (act in the name of, trample, substitute)
Dokh zi hot mir shtil fartroyt mit gefil (confide)
Dos zi vet mayn vaybl vern
Dan vet zayn gelebt vi ikh hob geshtrebt
Dos ken ikh aykh virklekh shvern

Dan vet gants gevis dos lebn zayn zis
Dan lakhn mir, shtifn mir beyde;
Den a glet un a kus iz a ziser genus (enjoyment)
Fun a liblikher laydi vi Seydi
Dan lebn mir shtil un farshvendn nit fil (waste, squander)
Dan lib ikh, dan shets ikh mayn leydi
A bal un a tants in prakht un in glants
Nor ikh mit mayn liblikher Seydi

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