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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Yiddish Tin Pan Alley: two new cds (plus, reminder, Yiddish Ragtime)

I collected the last 36 penny songs and put them on two digital-only albums for only $7 each. They come with a pdf file to download with all the lyrics and translations. These are my casual living-room renditions (no reverb or EQ or real mixing efforts made). These songs are bursting with life and have worlds to share with people who are interested in the Jewish immigrant experience in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. There's gotta be a PhD student interested in this! Click on the images to listen and/or order. Thanks.

Yiddish Tin Pan Alley Volume 1
Ven ales iz farbay 03:27
A Yenki lidl 02:47
Af di felder fun Virginia 04:15
All kets look alike to me 03:20
Der blumengarten 03:49
Di gantse velt iz mayn 03:58
Di naye velt 03:13
Yetst muz ikh im rufn tate 03:02
Mame, koyf mir a shvester 03:08
Ikh lib dikh beser als befor 02:10
Mayn herr proletarier 03:25
Kolumbus's medine 02:11
In di sup 02:10
Di opgeflikte blumen 02:25
Ikh bin a geler 02:38
Ikh bin a lady 03:59
Geborn in Kentoki 03:31
Nor eyn meydl in der velt far mir 03:36


Yiddish Tin Pan Alley Volume 2
Zumer bay nakht af a stoop 02:55
Vinter tsayt 02:41
Zumer bay nakht af dem ayz krim parler 03:44
Azoy farvelkt a blum 03:33
Gute brider 04:11
Di letste blum fun zumer 02:24
Vey vet dir shoyn zayn 04:40
Dos iberike farshteyt aleyn 03:01
Vayl ikh lib dikh 02:39
Khone 02:32
Imer di zelbe vert nimes 02:43
Pak dayn tronk un gey 03:37
Shik dos vayb in kontri 03:23
Khonine 04:51
A foygl in a golden shtayg 03:13
Rum to let 03:13
Es kumen on besere teg 02:53
Di brenenden ekskorshion ship General Slocum 04:00

The one I put my heart and soul into was the previous album (which also exists in physical form for people who still have cd players). I actually took it to a real studio to be mixed... : 

Yiddish Ragtime
Tsurik in shnayder shop (Back, back, back to Baltimore) 04:42
A bisele fun oybn (A Little Bit Off The Top) 02:31
Af katoves (Teasing) 04:10
Ven ikh volt gevezn prezident (Pretty Little Dinah Jones) 03:41
Di muzik shpilt (The Band Played On) 04:48
In a shtiler zumer nakht (Under the Bamboo Tree) 03:17
Rayst arop di shleser (Give My Regards to Broadway) 03:32
Yidishe fish (The Yiddisha Rag) 03:29
Di matbeye (Money) 03:48
Vi gefelt aykh aza boarder? (How'd You LIke To Be The Iceman?) 02:52
Bizi bay cloaks (Down On The Brandywine) 03:36
Nit ales iz gold vos shaynt (Johnny My Old Friend John) 03:12
Ven ikh ze dikh farbay geyn (Congo Love Song) 03:55
Gey shnel aheym (Ain't Dat a Shame) 04:24
Cheap! (Gone, Gone, Gone) 03:35
Der man mit der nodl (Good Bye Little Girl Good Bye) 03:03
Svit Rose O'Greydi (Sweet Rosie O'Grady) 04:05




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