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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Enni Mur! a Yiddish parody of Sweet Annie Moore! (Any more)

Enni Mur!
To sing with the melody from the popular song
Sweet Annie Moore
Created by Shloyme Shmulevits

This is the second rather dull Yiddish lyric set to a rather dull English waltz from the same page in 1901 Lider magazin. The other was Nor eyn boy for which I already gave an Ikea post. The conceit in English, that one will not see Annie Moore any more (the sheet music even tells you to pronounce "Moore" as "More") doesn't even work in Yiddish so I don't know why this song got the treatment. It has a great cover though:

Enni Mur does disappear - her father's store went bankrupt and they skipped town - on a shpur, so there's that rhyme anyway. The singer laments: if he could just find her and win her, then he could open a restaurant that would be a smash success because everybody would patronize it in order to see beautiful Enni.Transliteration and translation after the jump.

Enni Mur var zo sheyn vi a blum ful mit kheyn
Hot gevoynt grade noent fun mir
Ir gelibt hot men glaykh, groys un kleyn, orem, raykh,
Amuzirt hot ir gezelshaft on a shir
Plutsling muft zi avek, der farlust iz a shrek
Nit gelozn fun zikh nor keyn shpur
Hobn yunge layt file fargosn trern shtile
Vayl zey veln nit mer zen zis Eni Mur

Eni Mur, zis Eni Mur!
Shoyn nit mer tsu zen di zise Eni Mur,
Avek iz zi, fun undz tsu fri,
Farshvunden in a zumer tog iz Eni Mur

Eni Mur's foter's stor, koym geven af broyt nor,
Un gemurmlt hot men in der shtof
Az er iz shuldn var, fil mer vi in kop har,
Gevorn iz er oykh gikh bankrot
Un gemuft hobn zey nokh befor dem geshrey
Nit gelozn fun zikh nor keyn shpur
Dokh farentfern di frage, besern zeyer lage
Kenen zey mit zeyer lib zise Eni Mur

Ven ikh volt ir farmogt, volt ikh mir nit baklogt
Gute biznes volt ikh dan gemakht
Fun a groys restoran kumen volt yeder man
Ir perzon volt fil kostimer gebrakht
Oysgeputst volt ikh ir vi es past virklikh mir
Derlangen di geste zol zi nor
Fil volt mir dos tsugegebn kh'volt gemakht a faynem lebn
Nor vu nemt men di libe, zise, Eni Mur!

Annie Moore was as beautiful as a charming bloom
She lived near me
Everybody loved her, big and little, poor, rich,
Her company was endlessly entertaining
Suddenly she moved away, it was a terrible loss,
Not a trace of her was left behind
Many young people cried silent tears
Because they wouldn't see Annie Moore any more

Annie Moore, sweet Annie Moore!
Never again to see the sweet Annie Moore
She left us too soon
Annie Moore disappeared on a summer's day

Annie Moore's father's store barely covered expenses
and people whispered about the stuff he sold
He got nailed for it and went bankrupt
They moved even before the outcry began
Leaving behind no trace
They thought to better their situation along with their sweet Annie Moore

If I could win her, I wouldn't complain, I'd make good business from a big restaurant.
Everybody would come, she just being herself would bring lots of customers.
I would dress her up as she deserves,
All she'd have to do is serve the customers
I'd make a good living. But where can one find the loveable, sweet Annie Moore!

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