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Monday, December 3, 2018

Shabes far nakht nokh der peyde (Shabes evening on payday) - Yiddish theater songs by David Meyerowitz, 1918

This is the dishy Yiddish theater star Louis Birnbaum, two years before he recorded this song. David Meyerowitz sent this song to the Copyright Office in December 1918 along with the second song (which is on the other side of the 78), Mazl darf men hobn.

Louis Birnbaum was born in July 1884 in Lodz, Poland. He sang in the synagogue but was attracted to the circus, dance, and theater. He fled to America to escape military service and joined the "Golden Rule Vaudeville House."

It is also spelled Schabes far nicht noch der peide, Shabes far nakht nokh der peide, Shabes far nacht nuch der peide, etc.

The Yiddish of this song is kind of eccentric. "Peyde" meant "payday" but it also meant "pay." I like how it gets given to the wife who sticks it right in a sock.

Here's the recording:

Translation and transliteration after the jump.

Shabes far nakht nokh der peyde

Ikh hob gezogt un oykh gezogt, yeder hunt hot zayn tog
As dos iz a shprikhvort (proverb) tsu lakhn
Vayl di tsayt brengt shoyn mit
Ven dos shlekht un dos git
Far dem kaptsn vi oykh far dem raykhn
Ot arbet er dort
gantz shver op zayn vokh
Biz es kumt der libliker pay day (Birnbaum sings oyrekh, guest)
Fun zayn paide tsayt un af morgn bafrayt
Er filt zikh dan raykher vi Korekh

Ober shabes far nakht nokh der peyde
Dan hert er di velt vi in trock [hert in trok = belittle one's opinion]
Er brengt zayn vaybele di peyde
Un zi shtupt es arayn glaykh in sock
A gantse vokh fayft der dales
Un stending tsukriget zaynen zey
Nor eyn nakht vos vert sheyn rekht ales
Iz shabes far nokht nokh der pay.

Ot nemt git a khap dem operator in shop
Vi er horevet mit der neshome
Fun der fri biz bay nakht, farhorevet, farshmakht,
Vos fregt ir, er iz in der adome
Yede moyd zitst un neyt, mit di fiselekh fardreyt,
Ayngeboygn in fir, horbevate,
Khuts der boy libt zi heys, nor ver veys un ver veys,
Az libe ligt keynem in pyate.

Ober shabes far nakht nokh der peyde
Azoy shnel vi der tog nor fargeyt,
Baym supper bald derzen zikh beyde,
Un makhn af morgn a date.
Az er git ir a good time farshteyt zikh,
Un ver iz nokh gliklekh vi zey,
Es lakht zikh, es tanst zikh, es freyt zikh,
Shabes bay nakht nokh der pay.

I often say: every dog has his day. It's a humorous proverb.
Because time brings bad and good for the pauper as well as the rich guy. He works hard there all week, until beloved pay day comes. He's happy from payday time to the next day, he feels as rich as Korekh.

But Shabes evening on payday, then he doesn't worry about the world.
He brings his wife the pay and she sticks it right into a sock. The whole week poverty is whistling and they're always quarreling. But one beautiful night makes everything all right - it's Shabes evening on payday.

Take that sewing machine operator in the sweatshop, how he slaves away with all his soul. From dawn till night he slaves away, exhausted, what do you think? he's in a miserable state.

Every girl is sitting and sewing, her legs are twisted, she's bent over, stooped.
At least that boy there loves her ardently, but everybody knows, nobody is indifferent to love.

But Shabes evening on payday, as soon as the day is over,
They see each other at supper time and make a date for the next day.
Of course he gives her a good time, and who is happier than they?
There's laughing and dancing and rejoicing
Shabes evening on payday.

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