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Friday, March 11, 2016

Yom hakhupe (Wedding Day) - Yiddish theater song recorded by Simon Paskal in 1911

You'll find this one hiding at the FAU site under the English name "The Wedding Day."

Simon Pascal|Paskal|Paskel was a prolific recording artist, luckily for the Penny Songs project, he's been the source for many of the songs.

The sheet music, spelled Yom Hachupo, was published in 1910. Lyrics by Solomon Small, Music by Broidy and Friedsel.

Other spellings are Yom hakhupe, Yom hakhupeh, Yoym hakhupe etc.

Here's Simon Paskel's recording:

My translation from the Yiddish:

Bright and happy in the hall, in-laws dressed to the nines,
Guests are coming from everywhere to the welcoming celebration.
Floral perfume, song, wine, harmonizing together.
The musicians are playing very well,
Gentlemen and ladies are dancing together.
All are happy, bound together by friendship.
Look at the bride and groom, they're sitting as if tormented.

Say, what's with you, children?
Tell me, what's the matter?
It's your celebration today,
But look at your tears.
It's a fine question, and you understand
How it will be for the young couple ...

On the wedding day one's whole future life is on its way.
The obligation is a heavy weight:
To carry the yoke of family life.
You're coming into a new life,
not knowing what your fate will be.

The father and mother almost forget themselves
And prepare everything needed, lots to drink and eat
And they bid the guests: Drink! Eat! Go to the table, enjoy!
And each of you beloved guests grab a fat bite.
They've squandered too much money, and their health,
Both are tired, exhausted, they sigh in the silence.
Dear parents, why are you sighing, is something plaguing you?
It's your celebration today,
Say, what's with you?
Tell me what's the matter?
The question's a fine one,
You understand how it will be for the parents...

Click for a larger view of the lyrics:

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