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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shabes koydesh (Holy Sabbath) - Yiddish theater song from 1910 sung by Hyman Altman

Sheet music from London's Mazan & Co. Ltd, "The London Hebrew Publishing Company," implies the song is from Sigmund Feinman's operetta of the same name (arranger for the violin part here was Ferdinand Staub).

The lyrics are by Louis Gilrod, the music is by violinist Otto Motzan. By the way, when you want to find Yiddish songs pipes are very helpful. For instance, I searched for this one thus: Shabes|shabbes|shobes|shabos|shabbos|shobbes koydesh|koidesh|kodesh

Hyman Altman, who has been seen often on this blog lately, is the singer. He has evidently written his own second verse and as usual I can't tease the words out of it. I decided to put the "official" second verse on the video since that's all I had. If you want to take a shot at figuring out what he actually sings, I'd be thrilled and would add it to the post.

Click below to hear Hyman Altman singing this song, which I find quite lovely. It would be a good addition to the table song repertoire today!

Here's the translation:

The whole week long the Jew is tired
He runs and buys and flies and works day and night
He worries and borrows and works hard and is plagued onto death - just to get a dry bit of bread

He suffers endless worries and miseries.
His wife and children are always hungry.
One slaves away in poverty, one swims in it
Until the holy Sabbath comes.

Then one sits down, refreshed,
By the beautifully bedecked table
With the kidush, with challah, with fish.

Because the holy Sabbath is for the Jew
the dearest feast. He sings the song happily:
"Who duly keeps the Sabbath..."

The holy Sabbath song, and the noodle pudding,
A candelabra, a little drink,
And the dear holy Sabbath
sparkles in every corner.

The Sabbath candles burn and the candlesticks shine
The Sabbath bride hovers, so beautiful and charming,
The Jew greets her, welcomes her so happily,
He brings her in with sweet speech.

He sings "Let’s go, my beloved, to meet the bride" to her
He forgets the troubles and the poverty of before
His wife and children in a happy Sabbath mood,
When the holy Sabbath comes.

Click for a larger view:

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