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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dos troyer lid fun der groyser milkhome (The sad song about the Great War) by Max Zavodnik

While I've been thinking about the mysterious Max Zavodnik, who was unexpectedly brought to life in the piece by Maris Cohen of New Haven, I thought I'd present this song, for which he wrote the lyrics.

The trouble is, I don't like the song much. The tune, which is from A brivele fun Rusland (find it on the LOC website), is pretty dull, and I've already posted several songs along these same lines.

So I had the bright idea called "Let's not and say we did." I'll give you the sheet music as a free pdf download and you can sing this one yourself.

The advertisers here are:

On the left: Dov Dzivatov, manufacturer and importer of Russian and Turkish tobacco, and also the best cigarettes and cigars, at 89 Monroe Street, near Pike Street, New York. [now at the corner of the Coleman Square Playground.]

On the right (with picture): M. Simon, photographer. Successor to M. Smith. He makes the best pictures on the East Side. 331 Grand Street, New York. [Chinese language storefronts now occupy that space.]

Below: In Rutger's Street Bath is the most kosher mikvah in the whole region. Moyshe Aaron Shiff, Name(?) and Manater, 32 Rutgers Street, near Madison Street, New York. [It appears Emily's Laundromat currently occupies that space.]

Here's A brivele fun Rusland's lovely cover. And below, the three verses of Dos troyer lid as printed in the broadside which was sold on the streets of New York.

You can download the sheet music I made for the first verse by right-clicking this link: Dos troyer lid fun der groyse milkhome free Yiddish sheet music. If you want a transliteration or translation email me and I'll write it out.

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