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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Az mir geyt iber dos harts (Es geyt mir iber dos harts) - a Yiddish vaudeville recording from Lemburg

UPDATE: It turns out Isaac Feld recorded this song later as "Mir geht über dos Herz."
This (right) is supposedly a picture of Oscar Zehngut, the fiddler who with vocalist Karl Itzkowich (also spelled perplexingly Jarl Jtzkowitsch) is featured on the recording from which I took this melody.

The record is at the National Library of Israel, but as is sadly the case with most of their digitized sound recordings, you can't listen to the mp3 unless you fly to Jerusalem and go into their reading room. Or unless, as I did, you beg and wheedle.

Click the picture of the lonely guy and his dog to see the video I made today, I'm experimenting with simply giving the Penny songsheet "as is" so you can sing along.

I don't know if the song came from a show. I don't know why it's called "Es geyt mir iber dos harts" when the refrain is always "Az mir geyt iber dos harts." But I can sympathize with the poor guy who can't get a girl.

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